Here Are 15+ Legendary GIFs Of TWICE’s Sana You Need In Your Camera Roll ASAP

#3 will make your heart skip a beat.

Whether you stan TWICE’s Sana or not, you can’t help but admire her gorgeous visuals and stunning smile. Check out these 15+ GIFs that show her most loveable, angelic, and sweet moments!

1. Only Sana can make biting a rose stem this iconic.

How can someone be so charming?!

2. She’s the master of duality — Mrs. “Cutie Sexy!”

There’s nothing she can’t do.

3. This GIF will make any Sana stan’s heart skip a beat.

Admiring her perfection when suddenly…

4. This fancam left netizens shook.

Her consistent eye contact is heart-fluttering.

5. What would this list be without her saying “cheese kimbap?”

There’s nothing cuter than Sana being accidentally adorable.

6. Okay, now she’s just playing with fans’ hearts.

Let me guess, you can’t even look her in the eye.

7. Her shorter hair is absolutely stunning.

She looks like an actual angel gracing the red carpet at award shows.

8. This hair flip is so mesmerizing, you can’t watch it just once.

One more time…Okay, one more time….

9. Ending fairy Sana is legendary.

Nobody looks better heavy-breathing than she does.

10. But don’t forget, she’s an aegyo master.

If this doesn’t affect you in some way, you have no soul.

11. Queeeeeen.

Move over Ariel, there’s a new mermaid in town.

12. She has the most gorgeous “glass” skin.

Stan Sana for clear skin.

13. The moment she steps on stage, she’s all business.

BRB, melting.

14. She looks like a porcelain doll getting her makeup touched up.

BRB, googling how to be a makeup artist.

15. Bare-faced Sana in specs is a blessing.

Girlfriend material at it’s finest!

15. We love a visual.

Inside and out, she’s just too loveable!

16. Now you have no choice but to love Sana with all your heart.

But, like, was there ever a choice to being with?!