Here’s Proof TWICE’s Sana Has Tried Almost Every Hair Style — And Suited Them All

Not many people look THIS good in #2.

TWICE’s Sana can rock just about anything when it comes to hair. From funky styles to vibrant colors, she’s tried a variety of looks throughout the years — and has yet to find one that doesn’t suit her!

Take a look at these styles she’s made into her own and how she slayed every single one.

1. Space Buns

The cute and trendy style looks adorable on Sana.

She leaves a few strands of her out to frame her face nicely.

She’s experimented with the placement of the bun, such as behind her ears for a more subtle look.

2. Pigtails

Only certain people can pull off two high pigtails and Sana does it flawlessly!

However, Sana loves to experiment. She’s had some wacky placement and texture for her pigtails that matched TWICE’s quirky and cute concept.

For a more elegant take on pigtails, she will twist or braid sections of hair at the top of her head and place the pigtails lower. To hide the elastic, she wraps a section of hair around the base of the pigtail.

3. Ponytail

Sana shows how there are tons of ways to rock a ponytail. From sexy to adorable to elegant, she covers all the bases!

A low side ponytail gives her a romantic look. With her hair curled and her long bangs parted to the side, she looks stunning.

She also rocked a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. The elegant details of the subtle braid going into the ponytail and her wispy bangs elevate the look from everyday pony to fairytale princess.

She rocks a sleek high ponytail for a more sexy and sophisticated vibe. Leaving out her baby hairs, she covers parts of her hairline to help frame her face.

Lastly, sweeping back her softly curled hair behind her ears into a low pony is a classic look.

4. Colors

Sana is no stranger to funky colors and unique dye jobs. From this stunning rose gold color…

…to a rich and luxurious black, her hair always looks shiny and healthy.

During “MORE & MORE” era, she rocked a gorgeous red color that would remind anyone of The Little Mermaid.

Let’s not forget her stunning platinum looks…

…or the beauty of basic brown!