TXT’s Fans Find Idol Room’s Descriptions Of The Members’ Personalities To Be Spot On

MOAs found these descriptions to be 200% accurate!

In the latest episode of Idol Room featuring TXT, each member was introduced to the viewers with a short phrase highlighting his personality. To their pleasant surprise, MOAs found these descriptions to be 200% accurate! So, without further ado — here are the five very unique members of TXT!


1. Yeonjun

Idol Room described Yeonjun as the “Legendary Talent”. This comes from the idea that Yeonjun, for all 4 years of his traineeship, was labeled the “legend of Bit Hit Entertainment“. He is, indeed, exactly that — a legendary talent. MOAs agree that Yeonjun got what it takes to be the next generation superstar.


2. Soobin

For SoobinIdol Room emphasized his adorable cheeky side. Tagged “Passionate but Silly”, Soobin showed off his one-in-a-million kind of personality on the show! Always passionate and sometimes silly, Soobin charmed MOAs with that balance of perfect imperfection.


3. Beomgyu

According to Idol Room, Beomgyu is a “Cutie with a Generous Portion of Self-Love”. The show also pointed out that Beomgyu loves winning first place and being praised — highlighting his competitive nature and willpower to be the best at everything he does. MOAs know, it is this desire to be good at everything that brought him to be a part of TXT.


4. Huening Kai

Idol Room described Huening Kai to be a “Burning Ball of Confidence”. This is true — MOAs know this better than anyone. Huening Kai has forever been adored by TXT fans for his always-maxed-out level of confidence and faith in himself.


5. Taehyun

Last but not least — in fact, “Idol Room‘s favorite” — is Taehyun. The show titled him to be a rising star who has a bright future in TV entertainment sector, with his unrivaled wit and humor. Looks like Taehyun charmed the Idol Room hosts and staff with that irresistible funny-guy charm MOAs have come to know and love!