The Urban Dictionary Definitions Of BTS’s Members Will Make You Laugh And Agree

Do you find these descriptions accurate?

If you aren’t familiar with Urban Dictionary, it’s a “crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto ‘Define Your World.'” Basically, anyone can go onto the website and post definitions for various slang words used in everyday language. A trend that has been going on for some time is for people to give definitions of people’s names, often based off of people they know. However, K-Pop idols have been listed on the site a lot as well, and some of the descriptions for them are pretty funny or entertaining! Here are some of the best entries for the members of BTS.

1. Jin

This highly accurate description of the oldest member of BTS:

“Jin is a celebrated South Korean vocalist, humanitarian & member of BTS. He is known for his ‘Silver Voice’ delivering powerhouse performances that captivate audiences. Jin is known for his compassion, his kindness and his polite [demeanor]. He has also been described as an inspiration to his fellow members in BTS. The Korean GP has dubbed him a ‘manner-idol’ because of his high etiquette which is supplemented by his compassion & consideration for others. Jin is a beautiful person both inside & out, as his face fits the Golden Ratio , the universally recognized highest standard of beauty. (which has also earned him the title of ‘Worldwide Handsome’)
Listening to Jin sing is so calming. His voice is like a blanket in a winter’s night.” — KIMSEOKJINNIE

This definition explaining why Jin needs more appreciation:

“Jin is a Korean singer who is in the group called BTS and is super cute. He is always left out and has the least singing parts in the BTS songs. He has an amazing voice, but only gets to show it in his own song titled “Awake” ( I recommend you look it up on YouTube). He always eats and is feeding the BTS members when he can and he is so funny he would make you fall down and laugh all day. He is the oldest in the BTS group but never gets recognized though he sings like no-one else. He dyes his hair various different colors and is the smartest as he stares at everything with interest. He is my favorite person in the whole world. XOXO” — Jin_Lover_And_You_Know_It

2. Suga

This short but accurate summary:

“Swag.” — swagsuga

This hilarious but also accurate description:
“A guy who want to be a rock in his next life. The one who make conclusion that breathing is a exercise. A guy who was born to be swag by god. A grandpa in a Korean boy group called BTS.” — sugawifeu

Everyone knows not to mess with Suga!
“A Suga is a person who is savage. The word originates from the member of (the biggest boyband in the Universe) BTS’ Suga who dropped countless MICs on his haters. Rumor has it he still drops MICs till this day. Also, don’t mess with him while he is trying to get a nap.” — Pennywise theDancinghope

3. RM

Rap Monster who?

“The name of one member in the [le”jin”dary] group BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His real name is Namjoon and his old stage name used to be Rap monster but now it is RM. He’s the leader in the group.” —  Ghgiuvkuvkuvk

A short and to-the-point summary:

“The sexiest man in the world from BTS and in the world.” — KennalovesRapMonster

Every ARMY should agree:

“An angel who is beautiful and has the deepest dimples known to man he needs to be [showered] in love and [protected from] all harm.” — ;:;:;:;

4. J-Hope

He needs more love!

“HE IS A LITERAL F***ING RAY OF SUNSHINE AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. HE’S SO GOOD AT DANCE AND HIS SMILE IS SO CUTE AND HE’S JUST LITERAL PERFECTION WHY IS HE SO UNDER APPRECIATED. member of bts! part of the dance, rap and vocal line! <333 please stan him he deserves all of the love and validation in this world.” — btsisliterallymurderingme

A less hyper but still highly accurate description:
“Member of Korean hip-hop group Bangtan Boys. He’s the member with the explosive personality and a smile that’s so beautiful it lights up the entire universe.” — criesfor500years

Everyone agrees with his sunshine status!
“An actual ray of sunshine. He will do anything to make you smile or laugh. It’s not hard for him to make someone feel better. But jhope is also part os the BIGGEST boy band out there. You guessed it, BTS. It us a delight to have jhope by yourside. Jhope loves to give kisses but doesn’t like being scared. Jhope can get scared easily and can be a bad scene to watch. Take care of jhope, or should I say this precious piece of sunshine.” — Jhopesunshine

5. Jimin

This is rather… Intense.

“Jimin is the cause of thoughts of as intense or unbridled desire. You will become a slave to him. He will consume every thought, vibe and love in your existence and replace it with himself. Once you experience Jimin, there’s no way of escaping his unconditional sphere of desire. You will very quickly be led into an everlasting whirlpool of anguish when you [realize], you gave up everything you ever wanted for Park Jimin; despite knowing he’ll never be yours. You will spend everyday of your life hoping and praying he is happy and healthy. You will dream about the odds of ever having a chance to meet him, and be distraught by how low they are. But don’t be afraid. He is your paradise. Just know he will take over you.” — JiminForPresident2020

This is so cute!

“A beautiful gorgeous man. He needs to stop saying bad things about himself. He is not fat. His eye smile is so sksndkmd. His high notes are on point! Has cute tiny hands. Claims that whatever award Bangtan wins is army’s award. (He’s also hot asf).” — pxrdon

Ah, so it has double meanings…

“1. (noun) the name of an incredibly talented dancer and vocalist with killer and cute visuals in the popular South Korean boy group BTS who will bias wrecker you every time you watch Blood Sweat and Tears, Serendipity, Spring Day, etc.
2. (adj) as defined by intellectual RM, it also stands for being late and tardy.” — 5.6millionlikes

6. V

Definitely accurate!

“A name for a boy who has beautiful brown eyes and the most precious smile. You will fall in love with him at first sight. His deep voice will melt your heart and he will completely destroy your bias list.” — singularitae

We can’t disagree with this:

“A guy who doesn’t know how to stop being sexy ;)” — babybunnykook

Prince Taehyung, anyone?

“The cutest, hottest, kindest, caring person in this whole entire world. He can act, dance, sing with a deep a** voice and he has the cutest box-smile. He is so pretty like angelic he looks like a prince from a disney movie, no even better then that. He is so handsome and fine and the nicest and sweetest person I have ever known.” — Pannenkoeken123

7. Jungkook

This is so sweet!

“someone who is extremely observant and humble with many talents. he is extremely persistent and will strive to do his best in anything that comes his way. jungkook is also very charming and funny and can brighten up anyone’s day! he may be shy and not know how to express certain things well but when you look at his actions alot of his personality is [portrayed] beautifully.” —  bhgtbhgtbhgt

Where’s the lie, though?

“Living man child bunny who’s physically dad and mentally child.” — satoori

Something tells me this doesn’t apply to all Jungkooks, but…

“Jungkook- a boy who can’t and won’t stop being beautiful/cute/pretty/hot.” — Kookiekikkie