Viral Visuals: 6 Female Non-Celebrities Who Ended All Models In 2021

Wait. They’re NOT idols?

Usually, K-celebs are the ones making headlines for their visuals, but that’s not always the case! These beautiful non-celebrities went viral in 2021!

1. The reporter of our dreams

This year, reporter Song Moo Bin went viral for her stunning idol-like visuals, and it’s easy to see why!

Reporter Song Moo Bin | @molly_the_jolly/Instagram

This gorgeous anchor began her career five years ago at TV Chosun, and she has amassed quite the fan following. In addition to being beautiful and skilled at her job, Song Moo Bin is also a graduate of Ewha Woman’s University, a private institution with a highly competitive acceptance rate.

| @molly_the_jolly/Instagram

2. HyunA and DAWN’s backup dancer

After watching the relay dance video for “Ping Pong,” fans of HyunA and DAWN fell head over heels for Yu Seulki, a dancer with a stacked resume.

Yu Seulki. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

She has worked with many K-Pop stars, including Red VelvetBoASHINee, and Jessi.

Jessi and Yu Seulki. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

She is close friends with Red Velvet’s Seulgi. In fact, some fans have nicknamed the pair “2Seul!”

Red Velvet’s Seulgi (left) and Yu Seulki (right). | @yu__seulki/Instagram

Seulki has been dancing since she was just 3-4 years old, but her dance career officially began when she joined the B-Boy crew T.I.P.

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

3. This Street Fighter stunner

no:ze, a contestant on Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter, stole the show with her killer dancing and jaw-dropping visuals.

no:ze | @noze_wayb/Instagram

She competed on the show with her dance crew, WAYB (We Are Young Best).

From left to right: LEE SU, no:ze, GYURI AN, Ansso, Dolla. | @noze_wayb/Instagram

If no:ze looks familiar, it might be because she previously went viral for dancing with EXO Kai‘s during his “Mmmh” promotions.

4. Dino’s dancer 

A backup dancer for SEVENTEEN‘s Dino became our new girl crush after she appeared in his dance video for Ariana Grande‘s “positions.”

Choreographer Won You Jin‘s visuals are only outmatched by her incredible talent!

| onlyoneyoujin/Instagram
| onlyoneyoujin/Instagram

She has also worked with Red Velvet’s Seulgi, who posted this video thanking her. “Thank you, teacher You Jin.

5. Red Velvet’s dancer

Red Velvet’s dancer Kim Hyun Yi took the internet by storm in 2021!

Dancer Kim Hyun Yi | @hyuni93/Instagram

She has danced for Red Velvet, Super Junior2PMBoA, and more!

Kim Hyun Yi (middle) with Red Velvet’s Irene (left) and Seulgi (right) | @hyuni93/Instagram

Although her visuals have never slipped under the radar, Kim Hyun Yi went viral after this fancam showed off her charismatic stage presence.

6. This masked cheerleader

Wearing a mask hasn’t stopped this gorgeous cheerleader from becoming a viral visual!

Woo Soo Han | @s2uhan/Instagram

20-year-old Woo Soo Han is a cheerleader for Korea’s LG Twins and DB Promy. Fans’ photos have captured her idol looks, but also her bubbly energy.

| @s2uhan/Instagram
| @s2uhan/Instagram

Here she is sans-mask. What a beauty!

| @s2uhan/Instagram

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