W Korea Drops Unseen Exclusive HD Photos Of GOT7

W Korea is keeping Ahgases well-fed even after comeback!

GOT7 may be technically done with their comeback promotions. Yet, W Korea continues to keep us well-fed!

From left: Jay B, Yugyeom, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, BamBam, Jinyoung, and Youngjae of GOT7.

Previously, W Korea released the first OT7 photo of GOT7 for 2022 ahead of the group’s feature for the magazine’s June issue. Now, W Korea has released new HD photos of each member along with unit photos as part of B-cut shots. So, here are 8+ new photos every Ahgase needs to see…

1. Jay B

‘I must keep us connected.’ I often reminded this to myself. Even if I feel that I’m the only one who makes all the efforts for the team while everyone else isn’t, I told myself not to blame any others and make continuous efforts. I was really desperate about keeping the team together. GOT7 started from JYP Entertainment and we gradually improved ourselves from that point.

— Jay B

2. Mark Tuan

When we merely insist on continuing GOT7 without releasing any album, people won’t notice us. So, we decided to show ourselves as GOT7 in this upcoming album. Some members have to do military service and we aren’t sure about our future plans. Still, we will always stay together as GOT7 forever.

— Mark Tuan

3. Jackson Wang

Personally, I always feel ‘Lonely’. Last year, I lost a direction. I was busy every day repeating the same routines over and over again. As I thought about whether I was happy and thought about what makes me happy, I realized that I wanted to continue the activities as GOT7. I wanted to become a free artist without complicated thoughts. Whenever I focused on the techniques too much while working on songs, I couldn’t find myself in the songs. After all, I came up with conclusion of ‘Just Be me’. We united back together regardless of what others said about us.

— Jackson Wang

4. Jinyoung

Now that I fully understand who I am, I want to focus on revealing myself. Now, I learned to work wholeheartedly in every matter. I am now relaxed and confident enough to think, ‘I tried everything I could do and all I have to do is to wait and see how others think.’

— Jinyoung

5. Youngjae

I didn’t care about people saying, ‘Is GOT7 Disbanded?’ I also didn’t get offended because it was not true. We just thought about when to reunite and how to adjust the schedules together. We didn’t want GOT7 to tumble down. Instead, we wanted to revive again.

— Youngjae

6. BamBam

There are people who say it is practically impossible to gather all 7 members back. For those people, I’d say ‘Don’t pretend that you know us’ and ‘Don’t judge us.’ When introducing ourselves, we always put GOT7 with our name. So, I’d say ‘I’m Bambam of GOT7.’ GOT7 has 3 foreign members and it doesn’t matter at all for carrying on GOT7. Even though we might go back to hometown, we can always gather together in Korea.

— BamBam


7. Yugyeom

I do hope more people would listen to it [new album]. Still, new album itself is really meaningful regardless how famous it is. The new album will prove that we still remain together as GOT7. We will carry on GOT7 with all 7 members.

— Yugyeom

8. OT7

All GOT7 members are here together standing confidently without caring about people who doubt on their sustainability as GOT7. Since January 2021, each member proved themselves in their own position and they are now coming back again with their mini album, <GOT7>, on May 23. GOT7 opens up the second chapter with stronger determination and more relaxed attitude.

W Korea

Source: W Korea (1), (2) and (3)