10+ Hilarious Fan Reactions To Briana, Celine, And Sofi’s “Fight” For BTS V’s Heart 

V called these lucky fans by name.

BTS fans around the world dream of being noticed by the members, but for a few lucky ARMYs, that dream became reality. Here are 10+ hilarious reactions to addressing fans by their first names on Weverse.

1. #TeamBriana

2. There can only be one!

3. Just chillin’

4. Briana who?

5. Best. Day. Ever.

6. Should I change my name…

7. …or save it for my kid?

8. The struggle is real

9. Bring the pain on

10. Goodbye Celine, hello Briana!

11. I need this shirt ASAP

12. Annoying AF

13. Imposters. Imposters everywhere.

14. You need to calm down