These Are The Worst Girl Group Outfits Of The Year, According To Koreans

They named girl groups Red Velvet, ITZY, and TWICE.

K-Pop groups can spend hundreds to even thousands of dollars on their stage outfits, especially if they are a top group. This does not mean, however, that their outfits will be well received by the public.

On October 14, a hot topic among Korean netizens was the “worst” girl group outfits of the year in their opinion. In particular, they named girl groups Red Velvet, ITZY, and TWICE.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet was called out by netizens for their stage outfits in their song “Zimzalabim.” They especially did not like Wendy’s neon green top.

 I can’t forget Red Velvet’s green clothes. Why did the coordi do this to pretty kids?

– Korean Netizen


Speaking of green clothes, ITZY’s “DALLA DALLA” costume also received the disapproval of netizens for its neon green accents and black and white checkered prints.

Why are the outfits of JYP girl groups getting worse? I really don’t like ITZY’s outfits.

– Korean Netizen


TWICE’s “Feel Special” outfits are receiving mixed reactions from netizens. Some think their outfits are unflattering and outdated, while others think they look pretty in them.

 TWICE’s outfits look good on stage, and the members are all pretty…

– Korean Netizen

Do you agree with their opinions?

Source: theqoo