YG Entertainment Debuted The Most Talented Group Lineups Throughout The Years—Here’s Proof

They have the best rappers, hands down.

YG Entertainment has always been known for being a company that gets some of the best trainees and debuts the most skilled idols. This formula has never changed in over a decade since they debuted their first group, BIGBANG.

Now after debuting their first boy group since iKON, TREASURE, their lineups are stronger than ever. Check them out below!

1. Rap

YG Entertainment is synonymous with the word “rap”. Every single group they debuted can hold their own in any rap competition—seriously, Bobby won Show Me The Money 3 while Mino was runner-up of the succeeding season.

BIGBANG – G-Dragon

2NE1 – CL


iKON – Bobby


TREASURE – Choi Hyunsuk

2. Vocals

When it comes to vocal performances, the company has idols with the biggest high notes and the smoothest voices. Each group has a vocalist that is talented on their own and even more outstanding when in a group. Some, like BIGBANG, have many talented vocalists in the form of Taeyang and Daesung.

BIGBANG – Daesung

2NE1 – Bom

WINNER – Seungyoon

iKON – Junhoe


TREASURE – Bang Yedam

3. Visuals

YG Entertainment may have the fiercest rappers, but their visuals all have flower-like beauty. Dara, for instance, is one of the OG pinnacles of beauty in the industry while Asahi is just gaining attention in the Korean community for his delicate looks.


2NE1 – Dara

| @daraxxi/Instagram

WINNER – Jinwoo

iKON – Yunhyeong



4. Dance

Finally, YG Entertainment dancers are one of a kind. They’ve perfected the basics of dance and put their own sexy, powerful, or creative spins. BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is even considered one of the best dancers in K-Pop right now! Along with their ability to choreograph, their talents know no bounds!

BIGBANG – Taeyang

2NE1 – Minzy

WINNER – Seunghoon



TREASURE – Doyoung and Hyunsuk

It’s not just rap, dance, vocals, and visuals, they also have skilled producers. All of these idols prove that YG Entertainment is a talent powerhouse!