[★BREAKING] AOA Member Yookyung to leave the group after 5 years

On October 15th, 2016, FNC released a statement regarding the departure of AOA band member Yookyung after 5 years.

Yookyung may be lesser known to some of the newer fans of AOA but she has been a part of the group as a drummer since the beginning when AOA debuted as a band concept girl group. She has however been unseen from the public eye ever since the promotions for “Moya” in July of 2013.

FNC just released an official statement regarding her departure after 5 years and the termination of her contract.

Checkout the translation of the full statement below

Hello this is FNC Ent.

    We are sorry to greet fans with such unfortunate news. We would like to announce that the contract between FNC and Yookyung, the drummer of AOA, has been terminated.
We have had deep discussions on this matter and we have made this decision to respect her wishes.

Although the contract with her is over, she will be making appearances as a featured member when AOA band projects happen to show off her talent as a drummer. We would like to thank all of Yookyung’s fans and hope that you all wish AOA and Yookyung the best in their future activities.

Thank you

Source: Xportsnews