[★VIDEO] VIXX takes the trophy home for “Error” on KBS Music Bank

On the October 24th episode of KBS Music Bank, VIXX took home their 2nd trophy of the week for their cybernetic title track “Error”! Happiness showering their faces, the male idol group accepted their trophy, giving a heartwarming speech to viewers and fans.

Going up against Kim Dong Ryul, who took last week’s trophy with his track “How I Am”, VIXX forges ahead in points and takes their first Music Bank trophy. Earlier this week, VIXX won their first trophy for “Error” on MBC Show Champion.

VIXX’s leader N said as tears were welling up in his eyes, “Thank you. Without having to say the words right?  We’re very grateful to Starlights (VIXX’s fanclub)”, and continued to thank the staff and agency for their support.

Congratulations to VIXX!

Source: Chic News