“1 Night 2 Days” finally heads out to Los Angeles for special episode filming

1 Night 2 Days is heading out to Los Angeles for an exciting week-long filming!

After months of delay of their original schedule to travel to Los Angeles, California, USA in June due to the sudden MERS outbreak, multiple broadcasters have confirmed that the cast and staff of the popular variety show will be arriving in the state on September 6th. There, it is planned that they will film for a total of six nights and seven days.

According to a staff from the show, the details regarding the shoot are still being discussed.

There is high expectation for the Los Angeles special episode as it is the first time they will be filming in the USA and the second time overall – filming in Japan 2011 – they have gone overseas.

The Los Angeles special episode of 1 Night 2 Days will be aired sometimes in late September to early October.

Source: TV Report