Over 10,000 fans bid farewell to Shin Hae Chul

Over the course of three days since October 28th, over 10,000 fans visited Shin Hae Chul to say their farewell prior to his funeral

The “King of Darkness” last moments were witnessed by over 10,000 fans, with his funeral being open to the public for final farewells.

Shin Hae Chul, also known as “The King of Darkness” in South Korea, passed away on October 27th. It was reported that the singer passed away after receiving surgery on October 22nd after complying of heart and abdominal pain and has been unconscious since. With the ongoing funeral ceremony, the family has expressed that they will be pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital for alleged medical malpractice.

While many artists including PSY, Yoon Jong Shin, Seo Taiji, Lee Eun Sung, and Yoon Do Hyun attended the funeral, many fans were also seen crying and showing their sadness over the passing of the rock icon.

A 30 year old lady with her young daughter who was interviewed shortly at the funeral revealed,  “I wanted to show him a smile but I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw his picture” and promptly broke into tears.

Seo Tae Ji took to the podium to leave a short message for all those in attendance revealing, “I had many words of thanks that are going to have to be left unsaid now. I hope many people will remember him and remember the beauty of his music.” The artist was seen holding back tears in his message, speaking quietly with a wavering voice.

Source: My Daily, and Newsen