Lay sheds apologetic tears towards EXO members during comeback showcase

EXO member Lay touched the fans of heart after suddenly shedding tears at the group’s recent comeback showcase for their winter album.

On December 10th, EXO aired their comeback showcase, Sing For You, live through Naver‘s V App. The showcase was held at Lotte World in Jamsil, Seoul.

In a segment, the members made confessions to one another with Lay shedding tears as he said, “To the members, I’m sorry and I love you,” regarding the tough year EXO underwent this year with the loss of yet another member, Tao.

Baekhyun followed, explaining on behalf of Lay who momentarily stepped down the stage to wipe his tears, “Lay-hyung has been busy with a lot of activities in China. So he couldn’t spend a lot of time with us and he felt sorry,” adding, “Although he doesn’t have to.”

EXO recently released their winter album Sing For You and the title track of the same name that is a sweet pop ballad featuring an acoustic guitar. The second title song “Unfair” is a blend of trendy and light pop melodies and medium-tempo track with an impressive keyboard pattern.

Photo: TV Report / V App
Photo: TV Report / V App

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[+1854, -62] It must be hard for Lay, promoting as both EXO and working in China…. I want to tell him, find strength.

[+1679, -51] I feel sad (for him).. the stress he was under when the other Chinese members left and the way other people looked at him…

[+1487, -55] Lay is really nice and works hard….I remember seeing watching a VCR of him, and now I’m tearing up again.

[+1178, -57] Layㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Source: TV Report