12 Foreign Idols Had Incredible Fun On The Latest Episode Of Idol Room

The episode celebrated foreign idols in K-Pop.

Idol Room is a weekly variety show where hosts Defconn and Jung Hyung Don meet various idols and play games and share stories. The theme of the latest episode of the show was centred around foreign idols active in Korea.

Each idol shared some of their experiences in Korea and participated in various games. The first idol introduced was soloist Samuel who is Korean-American. Samuel told everyone that he dreams in Korean when in Korea and in Chinese when in China.

NCT Dream’s Chinese duo Chenle and Renjun were next. Chenle talked about how strange he finds calling older friends hyung or noona and how this system doesn’t exist in China.

Next up was Takada Kenta of JBJ95 who comes from Japan. Kenta talked about translating his name into its Korean form, Ko Geon Tae. Geon Tae is Kenta in Korean and his family names means ‘high’ (Ko).

PENTAGON’s Yuto and Yanan were next to be introduced. Yuto comes from Japan while Yanan is from China. Yuto revealed that many members of PENTAGON are boring people but Hongseok is the most boring in the group.

Yanan explained that his Korean name is Kim Yan An. When asked why his family name is ‘Kim’, he answered that it was because he loves kimchi!

Then came (G)I-DLE’s foreign trio, Minnie, Shuhua and Yuqi. Minnie is Thai, Yuqi is Chinese and Shuhua is Taiwanese. When asked about what their favourite Korean words are, Shuhua responded yuqi-ya (an informal way of saying Yuqi) while Minnie said hers was heol (Korean slang for disappointment/surprise).

Yuqi flexed her linguistic muscles in this episode as she acted as an interpreter for some of her fellow idols due to her impressive Korean skills. While others struggled to express themselves, Yuqi was able to effectively get her point across.

Cherry Bullet’s foreign duo of Kokoro from Japan and Lin Lin of Taiwan were next to be introduced on the show. The rookies brought their youthful energy to the cast.

Finally, Soso of GWSN was introduced. Soso is Taiwanese and a very skilful dancer. She wowed everyone with her sharp choreography and bubbly personality during the show.

The episode celebrated the diversity in K-Pop and fun was had by the whole cast despite a slight language barrier. Idol Room airs every Tuesday at 6PM KST.