Jack Black talks about his time on “Infinite Challenge” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Hollywood star Jack Black recently appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he spoke about his time on one of Korea’s top most rated show Infinite Challenge.

Aired on January 27th, the Kungfu Panda star mildly spoke about his time on the Korean variety show, naming it a Korea’s top program.

When asked about it by the host Ellen DeGeneres, he said, “I went on one of those legendary, crazy, talk show slash stunt show, it was called ‘Infinite Challenge.'”

He continues, “It got pretty cardiovascular. I had to take breaks, there was a lot of sweating. There was a pillow fight and I stuffed 14 marshmallows in my mouth. We got crazy. In Korea, they know how to party,” describing ‘Infinite Challenge’ as “the number one rated show in all of Korea.”

When he suggests that Ellen show check them out, she jokingly comments, “I’m gonna copy them if they’re the number one show. We’re gonna do that next season.”

Clips of his time on Infinite Challenge were also shown, making the audience burst into laughter.

Jack Black’s time during Infinite Challenge had been broadcast on January 21st.

Source: X Sports News