Super Junior Leeteuk and Girl’s Day Minah prank Hyeri with their public love relationship

The pilot episode of the MBC show Hidden Camera Battle – Game of Thrones, also known as Candid Shot Battle, aired on February 9th during the Lunar New Year holidays where Super Junior Leeteuk teamed up with Girl’s Day Minah to pull a prank on Hyeri.

Leeteuk went up against Lee Kyung Kyu and Noh Hong Chul who are all competing for the best hidden camera prank.

For his hidden camera, Leetuk recruited the help of Minah to prank Hyeri and catch her reaction to their open – but fake – relationship. Leeteuk caught up with Girl’s Day during one of their stay in Hong Kong in January where they were present to complete a schedule.

Minah and Leeteuk attempted to get a reaction out from Hyeri about their relationship, even enlisting the help of singer K.Will. The two went as far as giving each other a kiss to show the sincerity of their relationship, causing Hyeri to act out hilariously. However, in the end, Hyeri, shows her rejection towards their open relationship…or did she?

Turns out, the prank was on Leeteuk and Minah as Hyeri knew about the hidden camera all along! Check out the clips for this hidden camera below:

Source: TV Report