American talk show host Conan O’Brien to explore South Korea for special “Conan” episode

Popular American talk show host Conan O’Brien will be making his very first trip to South Korea this month where he will shoot an episode for his show.

Conan announced his trip in a recent airing of his show, revealing that a Korean fan had sent him a letter, prompting this visit. He said, “She (Sunny Lee) wrote that she was watching clips of me on YouTube instead of studying for the Korean SATs, and she wrote me letters, two of them actually, on her SAT test sheet. And instead of actually studying, she wrote me a very nice letter. She wrote a version of it in English and she wrote me a second version which is in Korean. Just in case I only speak Korean.”

He further revealed that along with her letters, she sent him a box of delicious Korean snacks, and shared that he was excited about them until one of his assistants ate them.

Upon his return, the special episode on his South Korea trip will be aired. Conan then told his audience, “Ladies and gentleman, here’s my motto. And I want this to get out all around the world. If you send me free snacks from your country, I will travel there in person to thank you. That’s what I do,” making everyone laugh.

Conan is set to arrive in South Korea on February 14th at Incheon International Airport and will stay until the 18th. He is expected to experience South Korea’s culture and will also be taking Korean lessons.

Source: Chosun Ilbo