A 15-Year Old Fan Asked BTS’s Jin What They Should Call Him And Fans Don’t Approve Of His Answer

Jin oppa!

ARMYs know that it doesn’t matter if they are old or young, as long as you are a visual king, you are an “oppa.”

One fans’ message on Weverse gained attention online for BTS Jin’s witty response in regards to his age.

A fan asked, “Next year I will turn 15 and you will turn 30 so what should I call you?”

| Weverse

To this, Jin responded, “Honestly, you should call me mister. When I was young, people over 30 already had two kids.”

| Weverse


He added, “If I am 80 years old and I’m still handsome and a 15 year old comes and calls me oppa, that is a no-no. You can’t call everyone oppa just because they are good-looking.”

| Weverse

After fans’ saw his comment, people began to call him Mister Jin in the feed. “After he said to call him mister someone called him Mister Jin in the feed.”

Jin, who saw this post, commented, “Now that I am hearing it it’s kinda sad. I’ll just be oppa.”

| Weverse

Fans who saw his comments did not approve of his answer as they all knew worldwide handsome Jin would forever be an oppa. The hashtags #석진오빠 (Seokjin oppa), #잘생기면오빠 (oppa if you’re handsome) even trended on Twitter to prove that he would never be a mister.

And honestly, we all know that once you’re an oppa, you’re forever an oppa right?