19 Songs Korean Celebrities Recommend Fans To Listen

Are you in need of a new music playlist to listen to during a long day? Get ready to create the most epic playlist as these have been recommended by some of the most well-loved Korean stars!


Exciting dance tracks that will soothe your heart. First up is actor Kim Woo Bin who reveals he enjoys CNBLUE’s “Cinderella” when he feels alone.

#1 | CNBLUE’s “Cinderella”

Kim Woo Bin: “When you’re stuck in traffic and feeling bored? Cinderella is the answer. My beloved brother sang the song. Please listend up!”

#2 | S.E.S “Just A Feeling”

Lee Yeon Hee: “This song will keep you upbeat and happy with. I recommend SES’s ‘Just a Feeling’

#3| Ja Woorim “Escape”

EXID“It will make you let go of all your stress~!”

#4 | Lee Seung Gi’s “Let’s Go On A Vacation”

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun: “Listening to this song while driving makes me excited and happy”


Let’s turn to more calming songs. Songs that will make your heart pit-a-pat or those who are of the healing genre. You’ll be surprised as to which songs these stars picked.

#5 | GMB’s “So Nice”

Park Shin Hye: “With this song you will always feel ‘so nice’.”

#6 | Sara Bareille’s “Gravity”

Girl’s Day’s Yura: “I actually listen to calm songs when I feel down. I’m sure there are a lot of you out there like me”

#7 | Lasse Lindh’s “Run To You”

SISTAR’s Soyou:  “I am run-running to you will definitely keep playing in your head after you listen to this.”

#8 | Yoon Do Hyun’s “In Front of the Fall Post Office”

BTS: “This song reminds me of a quiet country side. I want to shared this with my fans.”


So bored you’re falling asleep? Here’s some songs idols are recommending that’s guaranteed to wake you up!

#9 | Christopher’s “Mine, Mine, Mine”

INFINITE: “Play the song and open your window and breathe in deep~~can you smell the scent of autumn?” 

#10 | Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk”

BTOB: “Energize your boring daily routines with “Uptown Funk”!”

#11 | Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close”

B1A4: “This song goes perfectly with the beautiful weather these days.”

#12 | Lou Bega’s “Mambo No.5”

GOT7: “This song never fails to make me dance”


When you’re away from home, you’ll start to miss and think more of your family. This time, the theme is “family.”

#13 | Coffee Boy’s “I’ll Be On Your Side”

Lee Seung Gi: “This song reminds me of family. We too often forget that they are always there for us”

#14 | Sweet Sorrow’s “Ahnyeondong”

4MINUTE: “This song reminds me of the comfort of my house and my family”

#15 | ZION.T’s “Yanghwa Bridge”

SISTAR’s Bora: “When I think of my family I always listen to this song. The lyrics “Mom let’s be happy. Don’t ever be sick, please don’t you ever get sick” touches me every time” 

#16 | g.o.d’s “Love and Memory”

Wonder Girls’ Hyerim“Sing it with me ‘ I love you and please remember’~~~”


Finally, we’re at the end. These idols share tracks that makes them think of their mothers.

#17 | J.Y. Park’s “I Return”

Wonder Girls’ Yubin: “You may not live with them but you will always be with them in heart. This song reminds me of that”

#18 | g.o.d.’s “To Mother”

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri: “I always feel like I haven’t repaid my parents enough….we need to listen to songs like “To Mother” more so we are constantly reminded and grateful”.

#19 | Dynamic Duo’s “Mom’s Doenjang (Soybean Paste) Soup”

Girl’s Day’s Sojin: “As the year draws closer to its end I miss my mother’s cooking. This song is just how I feel”

To make things a bit easier we’ve put together all 19 songs into a playlist for you:

Source: Dispatch