Here Are 20 Emotional ARMY Tweets About BTS’s “Dynamite” Hitting #1 On The Hot 100 Chart

This is so huge for them.

Just as fans of BTS hoped and tried so hard to achieve, “Dynamite” has officially become the group’s first song to reach #1 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart!

This was due to over 250,000 digital sales of the song, as well as millions of plays on U.S. radio stations and streaming from fans.


This is a massive milestone for the K-Pop group, and is especially sweet because it happened on Jungkook‘s birthday in Korea! It also comes the day after the group won the Best Pop Award for “ON” at the VMAs, where fans got to see the first performance of “Dynamite” as well.

With all of these wonderful things happening for BTS, fans of the group are understandably elated and emotional. Here are 20 fan tweets about these accomplishments.

1. “THEY DID IT” is trending like crazy.


3. Relatable.

4. BTS and ARMY can do anything they set their minds to!

5. It’s amazing to think of how far they’ve come.

6. Hopefully they get some well-earned rest.

7. Truth!

8. Look at those babies.

9. Only BTS could do this.

10. He must be the proudest leader right now.

11. These clips are really a walk down memory lane.

12. Yeah, this about sums it up.

13. This is accurate.

14. Who else feels this way?

15. These memes are too real.

16. It’s the best day ever!

17. They’re still so modest!

18. It hits hard every time.

19. The haters have nothing on them now.

20. Oops!

Congratulations, BTS!