2AM’s Jinwoon Shuts Down A Hater Who Had A Lot To Say About His Former Relationship

He said not today hater, not today.

2AM member, Jinwoon is making headlines for his respectful clap back at a hater.

2AM’s Jinwoon | @jinwoon52/Instagram

The 2AM member recently uploaded a photo, updating his Instagram followers about his current whereabouts in life. While the pictures were refreshing and upbeat, a certain netizen decided the timing was inappropriate due to Jinwoon’s personal life.

Previously, Jinwoon and his former girlfriend, Nine Muses member Kyungri confirmed that they had broken up after being in a relationship for 4 years. They stated their busy schedules as the reason behind their breakup, and this news was confirmed by both of their agencies. While the breakup may still be new, the two have seemingly moved on and have been active on their respective social media accounts.

While Jinwoon’s above photo was just like any other upload, it did not sit well with a particular netizen, who commented about the timing of the picture and his former relationship with Kyungri.

| @jinwoon52/Instagram

You just broke up with your girlfriend of 4 years, who waited for you while you were serving in your mandatory military service. You have no courtesy and it seems distasteful for you to upload a photo of yourself smiling.

— Netizen comment

However, Jinwoon did not let the hater get the last word and clapped back at the netizen’s malicious comment with the most polite response one could think of.

| @jinwoon52/Instagram

I don’t know who you are, but hello. This is a place for my work and for me to communicate. If you have something you’d like to personally talk to me about, please direct it at me personally. But if you’re going to talk about something you don’t know anything about, please refrain from speaking.

—  2AM’s Jinwoon @jinwoon52/Instagram

2AM’s Jinwoon with former girlfriend, Kyungri | @gyeongree/Instagram

Back in November 2019, Jinwoon and Kyungri confirmed their relationship and admitted that they had been dating since 2017. The two took the nation by storm with their adorable public relationship and their constant expression of love for one another. Their relationship was favored and loved by the public, making their breakup even more shocking to everyone.

Jinwoon in “Can You Only See Me” | @jinwoon52/Instagram

In related news, Jinwoon was cast as the main lead in upcoming comic horror film, Can You Only See Me, which is set to premiere sometime in the first half of 2021. This marks his first production since his discharge from his military service, causing further excitement from his fans.

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