2AM Jinwoon Spotted Dabbing Away At NBA All-Star Game

2AM‘s Jeong Jinwoon was caught dabbing at the 2017 NBA Celebritiy All-Star Game, and he had no shame in owning it.

On February 19, the annual NBA Celebrity All-Star Game was held at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jeong Jinwoon had been invited as the Korean representative to the game.

As the famous “Dab Cam” scanned the crowd, they captured Jinwoon confidently dabbing in-sync with his friend, and he wasn’t ashamed to show how well he could dab.

Fellow 2AM member Im Seulong uploaded the video onto his Instagram and wrote,

“Are you really doing that on American TV #nba #allstar #americanclown @jinwoon52 On one hand I admit I truly respect you”

— Im Seulong of 2AM

Mystic Entertainment even tweeted a gif of the video that captured Jinwoon executing his dabbing, to which Jinwoon then bashfully apologized for enjoying the moment too much.

Source: Star Today