2NE1’s Bom and Dara Reunite In Heartwarming Post And Fans Can’t Handle The Feels

Fans are literally crying.

There has been a lot of love between the former members of 2NE1 lately and there’s more!


A post on Park Bom’s personal Instagram account gave fans the intense feels after it featured fellow 2NE1 member Sandara Park on a day out. 


Park Bom posted a photo of herself with Dara with the sweetest caption, proving that they haven’t changed over the years!

“With Dara for the first time in a while❤🍀~ #SandaraParkIsGorgeousInRealLife #SsangPark”

— Park Bom


Dara also posted the photo on her Instagram account, noting that although they may not see each other as often these days… nothing has changed between them!

“It’s been a long time~~~ But we never change 😂 When #SsangPark meets, we talk endlessly Long time no see long time no see”

— Dara


Fans were also treated to a live broadcast, answering their questions while Dara prepared for an event. 


Park Bom may have signed on to a new agency but she remains supportive of her former members, showing her support on social media and vice versa. 


The release of CL’s “Dopeness” with the Black Eyed Peas was proof of their support. Fans are obviously loving it! 

Dara Shows Support For CL And The Black Eyed Peas’ “Dopeness”


Soon it will be Park Bom’s turn to grace the limelight as she returns as a solo artist – surely the rest of the members will be rallying their support on social media as well!