2NE1’s Dara Got Fewer Parts In Songs Over The Years And She’ll Never Forget What YG Did Next

Yang Hyun Suk made a key decision factor in their music videos.

Dara revealed on Seoulmate2 that her parts in 2NE1‘s songs grew smaller and smaller as the years went by.


She was first in charge of all the killing parts like the famous autotune intro, “2NE1“.


But as the years went by, she reveals that her part got smaller and smaller.

“I did all of the important parts. ‘2NE1’ was all me. I did all the important killing parts like…

But my part grows smaller as you go on.”

— Dara


Seeing as Dara could feel saddened by the lack of parts distribution, Yang Hyun Suk decided that Dara should be the main lead of their music videos.

“So [Yang Hyun Suk] said, ‘This music video’s main character is Sandara. If you’re not the main lead, then we won’t see you in the video.’

It was his way of being considerate towards me.”

— Dara


And thus, Dara had special parts in 2NE1’s music videos that other members didn’t! For example, the one and only love line from their “COME BACK HOME” video!


Let’s take a look back at some of 2NE1’s most notable music videos!