Gong Minzy Confesses SM Asked Her To Audition On The Same Day As YG

GD and Taeyang helped her commit to YG.

Gong Minzy appeared on Video Star where she made a shocking revelation that she actually auditioned at SM Entertainment on the same day as YG Entertainment.

She revealed that both SM and YG sent her love calls for her to come audition for their agencies. And out of the two… Minzy chose to audition for SM first!

It was around the time when I competed on and won a lot of dance contests. YG personally saw my dance video and contacted me. They told me, ‘I want you to join. Come visit Seoul one day.’

But SM also contacted me and asked to see me in person. So… I actually went to SM first!

— Minzy

Although Dara knew that Minzy had auditioned for SM before officially joining YG Entertainment, she didn’t know that her first choice of audition was SM!

But Minzy ultimately committed to joining YG Entertainment and it definitely helped that the other soon-to-be-legend trainees treated her so well!

She revealed that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang were high schoolers at the time and Dara joined just a few months after Minzy joined.

Minzy recalled how G-Dragon and Taeyang took Dara and her to a famous amusement park in Seoul since it was Minzy’s first time in the big city.

Since G-Dragon and Taeyang were already promoting with YG Family and had years under their belt, they treated their fellow trainees to an Outback Steakhouse dinner!

Since it was my first time in Seoul, G-Dragon and Taeyang took me on a Seoul tour! G-Dragon, Taeyang, Dara, and I went to an amusement park together.

— Minzy

And the rest was history as Minzy debuted with Dara as a member of the legendary group 2NE1! Could you imagine what would have happened if Minzy joined SM instead?