2NE1 releases MV for “GOODBYE” their final track ever

2NE1 has released the full song and accompanying music video for their final track as a group, titled “GOODBYE”.

This is the final track the group will be releasing under the name 2NE1. The song was written by CL and was written in dedication to BlackJacks.

Unfortunately, Minzy was revealed to have been left out of the video and song which came as a massive disappointment for BlackJacks. Minzy revealed that she only found out about the song being released after media began reporting on the story.

Check out the M/V below!

Park Bom also recently released a diary entry she wrote two years ago, which talks about YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk through Instagram. The post came just hours before the scheduled release of their “GOODBYE” music video.

While former members must have various opinions about the company and CEO, we hope they can one day return as 2NE1 in the future!