2PM’s Junho Reveals His Secret To Losing 35 Pounds

What a lifestyle change!

2PM’s Junho made a guest appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone, making it his first time back on the show in four years.

When he made an appearance on the show previously, he was seen eating a lot of delivery food. This time around, his fridge was filled with chicken breast.

His kitchen was also filled with various protein powder products along with Coke Zero.

After taking a look at his kitchen, Park Na Rae asked, “How long has it been since you’ve been eating like this?”

It’s been about half a year since I’ve started eating only chicken breast. I’ve been going a bit overboard and eating less than 1200 kcal a day.

⁠— Junho

He even revealed that he would weigh the food for exact measurements.

If I’m going to eat 200 grams of chicken breast, I will take out two pieces and put them on a scale and cut it to the exact measurements.

⁠— Junho

Netizens were shocked and amazed at Junho’s commitment to losing weight.

  • “Junho is really amazing for doing that.”
  • “I guess this is how hard you have to go to get a sharp v line face.”
  • “This shows people really do need to lose weight. He looks so good now.”
  • “Wow talk about commitment. He must have worked so hard for this.”

Previously, Junho gained attention for losing 16 kg (35 lbs).

2PM also recently confirmed their comeback in June with their first album in five years.

Source: daum, theqoo and Image