2PM’s Nichkhun Files A Restraining Order Against A Stalker

She was identified as Miss Kim.

2PM‘s Nichkhun was revealed to have filed a restraining order against a woman who has been stalking him for some time. The woman, identified as Miss Kim, was called in for an interrogation. The court has obtained both Nichkhun and Miss Kim’s sides of the story and will soon be making a decision about the restraining order.

JYP Entertainment made a statement about how they’re also considering filing a lawsuit against Miss Kim, along with the restraining order.

They revealed that Nichkhun has been suffering a great deal of psychological stress because of Miss Kim, and they will not be lenient in seeking justice and an end to her harassment.

We are also considering filing a lawsuit against Miss Kim, and we will take strong legal actions without any leniency. [Nichkhun] has continued to receive psychological stress, and it’s surmounted to a become a serious situation.

— JYP Entertainment

Source: News1