2PM’s Taecyeon publicly confesses his love for Park Shin Hye

2PM‘s Taecyeon revealed on SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time that he became close to Park Shin Hye when they appeared together on Three Meals A Day.

On the show, Choi Hwa Jung asked Taecyeon if he liked Park Shin Hye as he “seemed really shy on that show”. To this, Taecyeon replied, “Who wouldn’t? She’s so beautiful, everyone likes her.”

Choi Hwa Jung pushed him even more by asking if he is jumping into the race of actors who are pursuing her heart. Taecyeon further explained saying “I was hoping to when I sent the coffee truck, but it seems a lot of people sent her things. We’re only two years apart too.”

Through the show, Taecyeon left a video message to Park Shin Hye:”I saw “Doctors” as well, Shin Hye, I hope my coffee truck helped a lot. Let’s meet up. You’re truly beautiful.”

Recently, Taecyeon has been busy with his 2PM members as they are preparing for their “Gentlemen’s Game” comeback!

Source: Dispatch