3 or 4 X1 Members’ Agencies Are Discussing A Potential Subunit Re-Debut

The chances are growing for a subunit.

3 or 4 agencies that had members in X1 are reportedly coordinating behind the scenes discussions with their members about the possibility of forming a subunit group.

According to an exclusive report from Newsen, several agencies with members in X1 have been working together, trying to coordinate details for the formation of an X1 member subunit.

Three or four companies that contain members of X1 have had positive thoughts about a unit group. Details such as timing, the agency that manages them, and method for the release are being discussed.

— Insider

Newsen credits Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon as the 2 members of X1 who saved the chances of an X1 member subunit following the group’s sudden disbandment. They publicly stated at their press conference for their fan meeting that they wanted to participate in an X1 unit. According to Newsen, after Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon publicly expressed their commitment to a unit group, other X1 members echoed the same thoughts, sympathizing with them.

4 other X1 members attended Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon’s fan meeting: Kim Yohan, Cho Seungyoun, Lee Eunsang, and Son Dongpyo. While they are not confirmed to be the members also participating in the subunit, ONEIT were ecstatic to see the X1 members together, even after their disbandment.

Source: Newsen