30 Year Old Korean ARMY Defeats Depression By Listening To BTS

A post on Pann, written by a BTS fan, has received 2,825 upvotes within 3 days…without a single image of idols.

The fan introduced herself as a woman who would be turning 31 in a few months and began her story by revealing that she used to be prejudiced towards K-Pop and looked down its fans.

“In high school, I called my friends who were cheering for TVXQ! ‘childish people’ and looked at them with pitiful eyes. I was proud of myself as someone who had matured early and who had not been influenced by the atmosphere.”

— BTS Fan

The fan would skip all of the songs sung by idols when she was listening to popular music as, without having given it a chance, she had sided with the popular opinion that all idols are manufactured.

Throughout her youth and her 20s, she suffered from depression that she believed would simply disappear as she grew older, but as she entered her 30s, it only got worse… And that’s when she encountered her “Spring Day”.

“Unknowingly, the song was stuck in my head. The feeling was weird. I still cannot explain the feeling I felt at that time. It was like my heart had been written into lyrics.”

— BTS Fan

BTS’s “Spring Day” had drawn a rainbow in her colorless life. She was amazed that the song was written and composed by a young idol member, namely RM.

“I was listening to their music and video on repeat—desperately, as if taking anti-depression medication to forget reality.”

— BTS Fan

She eventually became a big fan of BTS, but she still felt pathetic and miserable every time she was reminded by the reality that (as she saw it) she was a 30-year-old loser seeking comfort in an idol group.

As if they knew, RM wrote a lengthy message on Twitter that made the fan burst into tears.

“Thank you for being my fans and our fans. I am also your fan. I am the fan that silently supports you through your personal battles and loneliness in life. Whether I’m backstage or in the studio, I send you my fan letters written in long musical notes and through music. I wish you would read that sound of missing you.”

— RM

BTS has since become a huge part of her life and she came to realize how musically mature and talented the group is.

Even though she still battles with depression, she has learned not to get hurt by the gap and distance between her and her stars.

“We were once fidgeting too. We were once like that too. If it’s everyone who has acknowledged us.. You will be able to be like this too.”

— RM


Their songs, lyrics, and performances bring comfort that she has never received from anyone else. She concluded her long confession with a song written by RM, called “Lost”.

“I hope it can give great hopes and courage to someone who is like me, wandering in their 10s, 20s, and 30s.”

— Original Post

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