All 4 Members Of DAY6 Renew Contracts With JYP Entertainment

They plan to continue their future together as a band.

K-Band DAY6 have renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment. According to JYP, “We have renewed contracts with all of the DAY6 members including Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. DAY6, who is a group with music symbolism, and JYP, who has had extensive experience in band management, want to continue a meaningful partnership based on a strong relationship of trust. We plan to become a strong support system for DAY6’s future and will spare no effort in providing the support they need”.

DAY6 debuted in 2015 and have released music with unrivaled sensibility and color. On the other hand, the band will reunite as a whole once again after Wonpil is discharged from the military in November 2023.

Source: osen