40-Year-Woman Arrested by Police for Causing Mayhem on Seoul Subway Over COVID-19 Mask Dispute

It all started when she was asked to put on a mask by fellow passengers.

A 40-year-old woman, Ms. A has been taken in by Seoul Southern District Court for questioning after she was arrested by police for causing mayhem on a Seoul subway over a COVID-19 mask dispute.


Ms. A is being investigated for causing a commotion and cursing on a subway near Oryu Station in Seoul and causing a delay of 7 minutes due to the dispute.

According to witnesses, a passenger asked Ms. A to put on a mask, and in response, Ms. A cursed and asked, “Are you trying to start a fight?

It was revealed that even after she got off the train, she screamed and started a fight with the employees of the subway station, which led to the arrest of Ms. A by police.

When questioned why she behaved in the way that she did, Ms. A stated,

Three other passengers pounced at me and harassed me. I’ll only regret what I did if I have COVID-19.

– Ms. A

The police have submitted a request for an arrest warrant and are waiting for the verdict.

Source: Dispatch