4MINUTE meets with fans at 1st fan meeting in 5 years

As fans get an opportunity to see the girl group again in a long time, 4MINUTE holds an exclusive fanmeeting for the first time in five years. 

On September 19th, fans from many other different countries, such as China, Singapore, and Canada, filled the venue at Baekam Art Hall in Seoul for 4MINUTE’s fanmeeting. It has been five years since the girls have held such an event, the last time being during their promotions for “Muzik” back in 2010.

The members took to the mic themselves as they MCed the event and connected with fans. Their interactions gave off a vibe that made them feel like they were connecting with friends and families rather than as celebrities. Not only were the fans given a chance to play games such as telepathy, the winner of the game also got to take a photo with 4MINUTE.

Following the games, the members had a “Heart to Heart” corner where they answered questions given to them by fans. One of the questions asked was, “Which promotion period do you wish the experience again?”

Member Jiyoon answered, “During the time of ‘Muzik’ activities we won first place for the first time. With a lot of international activities planned, I also got my passport for the first time for those events. It was also memorable because we held our first fan meet.”

The group performed many of their hit songs that included “HUH,” “What’s Your Name?”, and “Crazy.” Fans chanted their names loudly and enthusiastically as the girls took the stage. During the encore stage, they performed “Thank You,” and the members were seen shedding tears when the fans prepared a special gift thanking them for being together for seven years. Hyuna was said to have cried so much that she couldn’t even talk.

4MINUTE ended their fan meeting by thanking the fans saying, “Today was very meaningful. Preparing with a lot of passion, we returned to the second meeting as if we were debuting again. We are so grateful that you came from so far, and we will work harder and pledge to meet again.” 

They also discussed that they were working on some songs as they plan for a comeback.

Meanwhile, with the completion of a successful fan meet after five years, 4MINUTE is scheduled to meet with the fans once again through their reality broadcast “4MINUTE’s Video” that’s scheduled to air on K-Star on September 21st.

Source: Osen