7-Year-Old Chinese Boy Forced To Become Parcel Deliveryman After His Mother Abandoned Him

His positive mind and great smile have melted the hearts of netizens.

This boy has been tearing up the eyes of netizens with his story on how he became a delivery man.


Changjiang is only 7 years old but he dependably carries out his work as a delivery man. He sorts the parcels in the office, loads it onto the delivery truck and delivers them himself.


Changjiang used to live with his parents in Shandong Province but when his father became ill, his mother abandoned them and left. Not long after, his father passed away.

His mother remarried another man and cut off all contact with Changjiang.


Now an orphan, he was taken in by a colleague of his father named Yan Shifang. However, he could not attend school because he wasn’t on the family register and Shifang was not that well off either.


Chanjiang wanted to help Shifang in any way he could, so that’s how he began working as a delivery man.


Luckily, after his story went viral, various people have reached out to help him. A local administrative agency has allowed him to stay at a municipal child’s welfare center and a local elementary school has let him attend school free of charge.

Although the boy does not remember his exact birthday, the welfare center threw him his first-ever birthday party to mark a new beginning in his life.


Netizens who have heard his story are also cheering him on. Watch the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch