9MUSES returning with their third comeback this year after “DRAMA” and “Hurt Locker”

Girl group 9MUSES are having their busiest year yet when it comes to music promotions as they are set to return for the third time this year.

On November 7th, 9MUSES began to release “comeback spoilers” on their official group Twitter account for member Hyemi. They previously dropped short video spoilers for members Sojin as well and Kyungri and Keumjo‘s were shared on the 8th.

The group previously hinted at their album comeback on October 27th when they held a V App live broadcast telling fans, “We are almost done recording our album. We have something specially prepared in this album, a really great gift.”

Their agency Star Empire confirmed their comeback plans, revealing that hints of their comeback image were given in their video spoilers.

Earlier this year, 9MUSES regrouped with two more members with DRAMA and returned a second time during the summer with S/S Edition and their title track “Hurt Locker.”

Source: Sports Chosun