The Original Accuser Of Red Velvet Irene’s Poor Attitude Posts Additional Clarification Of Her Claims

She claims that she was not the only victim of the particular incident.

The original long-time stylist and editor, Ms. A who first called out Red Velvet‘s Irene for her poor attitude posted additional clarifications of her claims on a new Instagram account before changing back to her original account which is now set to private.

In a lengthy Instagram story, Ms. A shared that the reason she spread the story was to get a formal apology from Irene herself and that she was able to meet with Irene with those in charge of the company that hired her.

She also explained that the reason why she remained silent after her first post was due to her desire to not cause any further misunderstandings and that she didn’t find it necessary as she immediately received an apology from the staff of the company that hired her as well as the managers who were on-site at the time of the incident.

Furthermore, Ms. A clarified that she was not a stylist who worked for Red Velvet, but that she was hired as a stylist contractor for just a day, and that the reason she described the incident as their first meeting was that Irene didn’t remember working with her back in 2016, and there were two other staff members who were victimized by Irene’s behavior as well.

As such, Ms. A added that the two other staff members attended the gathering where they received an apology from the company as well as Irene herself.


In addition, Ms. A stressed that she will not be taking legal action against the malicious comments by Irene’s fans because her objective of the post was to make sure something like this never happens again as well as receive a formal apology from Irene.

Ms. A also denied the rumors that there was monetary compensation for what happened, and that this would be their last online clarification on the matter.

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Ms. A acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes, but also explained that she felt the need to share her story not just for herself, but for other colleagues who suffered the same behavior.

Lastly, Ms. A revealed that she will no longer react to anything related to the matter, not for herself, but as a courtesy to Irene, and asked fans to stop crossing the line if they are true fans of Irene and want the best for her.

Although online hate was something she expected when she uploaded the post, Ms. A asked netizens to stop making hurtful predictions, apologized to the company that hired her for the trouble, and thanked all for listening.

Source: @lookooks