Actor Hong Jong Hyun Discharged From The Military

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According to C-Jes Entertainment, actor Hong Jong Hyun has been discharged from the military on June 17 KST.

They announced, “Hong Jong Hyun, who enlisted in the military in December 2019, has finished his military service of one year and six months and was discharged today in a healthy state.”

Hong also revealed his thoughts about being discharged from the military.

I finished my military service well and was discharged safely. I had a hard time in the military, but it was also a time for valuable experiences. A lot of you must have endured a lot of hard times and I hope that our future will only be filled with happy things.

— Hong Jong Hyun

He also thanked fans for all their love and support.

Now that the time has come to be discharged, it reminds of the time fans sent me off in front of the training center when I enlisted. I received a lot of strength after reading letters from fans at the training center and in the military. These moments gave me a lot of healing and it was how I was able to make it through my time here. I will continue to work hard in order to show myself in a variety of different places.

— Hong Jong Hyun

On the other hand, Hong Jong Hyun is currently looking at various projects for his comeback.

Source: sports khan