Actor Kim Eui Sung Calls Sulli’s Haters Out In MAXIM Interview

Actor Kim Eui Sung has been receiving praise for defending Sulli‘s past Instagram photos.

Sulli has been the target of a great degree of criticism and scrutiny over the past year for for posting pictures of herself in a top without a braallegedly making fun of the disabled, apparently being too provocative, and participating in photo shoots with controversial photographer Rotta. Kim Eui Sung, for one, has had enough, however.

In a recent interview with MAXIM, Kim Eui Sung expressed his opinion on the harsh criticisms and malicious comments Sulli has been receiving on her Instagram photos. He told MAXIM that he couldn’t understand why people believed they had the right to lecture and decide how she chose to live her life.

“It’s the difference between common sense and stupidity. Her photos aren’t morally wrong, and she’s simply expressing how she wants to express herself, but there are people who follow her and meddle with her business and tell her that ‘she shouldn’t be living her life this way’.”

— Kim Eui Sung

This isn’t the first time Kim Eui Sung has defended Sulli’s Instagram posts, either. Earlier this year, he praised Sulli on his personal Twitter for being confident in expressing her true self without responding to her haters.

“Sulli is the coolest person in the world for continuing to upload her photos and not responding with detailed excuses.”

— Kim Eui Sung

Source: Star News and Insight