Kim Sae Ron’s Luxurious Home Reveal Resurfaces Amid Reports That She Is Facing Financial Hardship

Netizens have shown a mixed response to the news of her financial hardship.

Amid news that actor Kim Sae Ron had resorted to working at a cafe due to facing financial hardship after her DUI accident, the actor’s previous appearance on a variety show where she revealed her luxurious apartment is being revisited.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

Kim Sae Ron shared her home with audiences through tvN‘s reality show On & Off in 2020. In the episode, Kim Sae Ron, who was twenty at the time, showed off her luxurious home that she shared with her little sister.

The apartment that Kim Sae Ron shared with her little sister was reported to be a unit inside the Seoul Forest “The Sharp.” A luxurious high-rise in the Seongdong-gu district of Seoul. The district has become one of Korea’s trendiest neighborhoods, home to cultural landmarks, unique cafes, and hip boutiques.

Seoul Forest “The Sharp” | metroseoul

Even the apartment complex’s smallest units fetch a hefty premium on the market, with the smaller units expected to sell for upwards of ₩1.70 billion KRW (about $1.19 million USD) while an average-sized unit demands more than ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.40 million USD) on the market. Kim Sae Ron was shown living in one of the larger units in the complex. A unit similar in size to Kim Sae Ron’s home is currently on the market for ₩2.30 billion KRW (about $1.62 million USD).

At the time, netizens were impressed that the young actor was able to afford such a luxurious apartment. The apartment is also home to celebrities such as Sohee, ChungHa, and Kim Ji Suk.

Chungha at her home | tistory

Due to this, netizens showed a mixed reaction to the news that Kim Sae Ron was facing financial hardship. Although it is believed that the actor had to pay a large sum of money to the city, production companies, and sponsors that were affected by the actor’s DUI accident, some netizens were skeptical of the news, while others stated she really may have faced hardships.

  • “She makes it seem like she paid millions of dollars in settlement fees.”
  • “What’s wrong with working at a cafe?”
  • “But how do you know if this apartment is hers? She may have rented it?”
  • “Financial hardship. LOL”
  • “Life is tough for a lot of people these days, so trying to appeal to us  that she’s broke is going to backfire. You need to stop.”
  • “How can she say she had financial hardship when she worked at a cafe?”
  • “You can’t tell from just looking at this. She might’ve been living outside her means.”
Source: wikitree and Theqoo