Actor Kim Sung Min In A Coma After Attempted Suicide

On June 24th 2016, around 2:00 AM, beloved actor Kim Sung Min was found in his bathroom unconscious hung by the neck.

He was still alive but unconscious and was rushed to the intensive care unit at Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital.

He underwent surgery and was moved to recovery around 12:30 PM but doctors stated that “We cannot tell if he will recover as of yet”

The reason for his drastic action was a fight between him and his wife.

At 1:15AM Kim Sung Min’s son called the police saying that, “I think my parents are fighting.” However, when the police arrived the wife requested the police to leave saying that it was nothing.

When the police insisted that they see the husband out of worry for the wife and son, she accompanied the police out saying, “I will sleep with my son elsewhere.” 

Only after she accompanied the police out did she reveal that her husband was Kim Sung Min.

Around 10 minutes after the police left, the wife called in worried saying, “My husband often talked about committing suicide when he was drunk”

This is when the police went to his house and found him in that state.

Source: Dispatch