Actor Won Bin may be returning with a new project this year

Multiple news of Won Bin‘s possible comeback have surfaced the media recently. According to film affiliates, the actor is to make his comeback by end of this year after his long hiatus since film The Man From Nowhere in 2010.

Won Bin has earned the title ‘”Olympic Actor” as he not only starred in few projects relative to his career years in the industry, but also goes on frequent and long hiatus after completing one project. Even after his hiatus and last minute decision to opt out from projects, Won Bin is still considered to be the most wanted actor for casting in all genres, including, action, noir, melo, drama, and more.

However, fortunate news have reached fans. The actor has cautiously started to get in touch with various drama and film affiliates for a possible comeback. Although nothing has been confirmed, Won Bin has been responding faster to scenarios and scripts as well as expressing his remorse and difficulty to be able to star in the projects.

Won Bin’s agency managing CEO Oh Ha Kyung mentioned, “Won Bin’s primary consideration in selecting a piece is by looking at the book. Such as, how fresh the plot is, how unprecedented the content is, and how it will contribute to his experience as an actor. He is always open to rookie directors as well.”

Meanwhile, many are suspecting that Won Bin might make his comeback through a historical film, as the actor has never before seen on such genre film nor drama since his debut. Moreover, fantasy-historical plays starring handsome actors is undeniably a trending genre in Korea.

Source: Osen