Actor Yeo Jin Goo Spills On His Friendship With BTS’s Jungkook

The 97-liners met pretty spontaneously.

Fans have always been curious about the friendship between actor Yeo Jin Goo and BTS‘s Jungkook, seeing how the two have often shown support for each other by sending coffee trucks on sets. In a recent interview, the Hotel Del Luna main lead talked about this friendship that they have kept mostly incognito so far.


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The two met quite unexpectedly at a mutual friend’s house for the first time. Yeo had soccer buddies with this friend for a while, and since the three are of the same age, they hit it off pretty well.

Jungkook sent a coffee truck for Yeo Jin Goo at the set of the movie “Donggam”| @yeojin9oo/Instagram  

Jungkook’s personalized message on the cup sleeve says, “Your face is impressive Jin Goo-yah. Do you agree? Yeah, I agree.” | @yeojin9oo/Instagram

The actor added that, surprisingly, there are not many ’97-liners in the entertainment industry. At that time, he didn’t have a same-aged idol friend, and Jungkook didn’t have an actor friend of his age either. So, both of them were glad to make acquaintances and slowly grew their friendship.

Though Jungkook often sends him coffee trucks on set to cheer for his new projects, Yeo said he has become more conscious of talking about their friendship on the record since Jungkook has grown into a global celebrity. But in real life, they are still good friends who hang out together and root for each other’s success.

Jungkook was already a superstar at the time [we became friends]. But he has grown even more successful now, so I get cautious to talk about our friendship. But he is still a friend with whom I’m just so happy to hang around and who I always cheer for.

—Yeo Jin Goo, Herald Pop

Fans are happy to know that Jungkook has a genuinely supportive and loving friend like Yeo and wish the best for both.