Actress Han Chae Ah Will Be Marrying Cha Se Jji In May

Who is Han Chae Ah’s to-be husband?

Han Chae Ah and Cha Se Jji have announced their plans for a wedding in May! The couple’s wedding will apparently be small with only close family and friends attending the event.

Han Chae Ah’s fiancé, Cha Se Jji, is the third child of the legendary Korean football star Cha Bum Kun and the brother of the equally famous football player Cha Du Ri.

Cha Du Ri on the left, Cha Se Jji on the right.

He has appeared on a commercial for a pharmaceutical company with his father and brother, but he is not a celebrity. He aspires to become a director one day.

With the surprising news of their wedding coming up so soon, fans hope that the couple will continue to develop their love for one another as a married couple.

Source: Osen and Tistory