Actress Jung Eun Hye And Her Mother Thanks Actress Han Ji Min For Treating Her So Well On The Set Of “Our Blues”

“I didn’t worry about Eun Hye because of Han Ji Min…”

Actress Jung Eun Hye and her mother, and artist, Jang Cha Hyun Sil, expressed their thanks to fellow actress Han Ji Min.

Han Ji Min (left) and Jung Eun Hye (right) | @roma.emo/Instagram

On the June 9 episode of CBS‘s Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show, actress Jung Eun Hye and her mother and artist, Jang Cha Hyun Sil, was a guest.

Jang Cha Hyun Sil (left) and Jung Eun Hye (right) | CBS

On this day, Jung Eun Hye expressed happiness towards her newfound fame.

I like being popular. It feels like I’ve become a star.

— Jung Eun Hye

The actress’s mother discussed her daughter’s decision to join the cast of Our Blues.

I read the script and it was like Eun Hye was right there. It was as if the drama’s writer Noh Hee Kyung was able to encapsulate Eun Hye’s thirty years of life and melt them into a character.

— Jang Cha Hyun Sil

The actress’s mother stated the reason she didn’t worry about Jung Eun Hye being part of a bustling film cast on a busy set was none other than actress Han Ji Min.

Despite how busy a film set is, with all of the actors and staff, I didn’t worry about Eun Hye. It is because of Han Ji Min. I understand Han Ji Min studied to be a social worker. Usually, when Eun Hye introduces herself to other people, I have to explain to the other person how to best communicate with her, but there was no need for that with Han Ji Min. During filming, whenever Eun Hye forgot her lines or needed to use the restroom, Han Ji Min was able to tell and help her. It was really amazing.

— Jang Cha Hyun Sil

Jang Cha Hyun Sil also recounted that during filming, Han Ji Min and actor Kim Woo Bin threw Jung Eun Hye a birthday party.

Han Ji Min with Jung Eun Hye in the first picture, Kim Woo Bin with Jung Eun Hye in second picture | CBS

Jung Eun Hye is an actress and artist who lives with Down Syndrome. The actress’s portrayal of the sister of Han Ji Min in the drama Our Blues has earned both the drama and actress sincere applause from viewers.

Source: CBS Kim Hyun Jung's News Show, Sports Seoul and Wikitree