Actress Lee Se Young Had The Smartest Idea For Her Acceptance Speech Ever

But she still forgot the most important thing.

Actress Lee Se Young has been tearing it up with her latest K-Drama alongside 2PM‘s Junho, The Red Sleeve. She even won the Best Couple award with him at the 2021 MBC Acting Awards! During her acceptance speech, she came up with the smartest method ever in the books.

She was seen fumbling with her handphone before going up on stage. It got everyone wondering what she was doing.

Her motives were clear when she got on stage. Instead of reading out a long list of her staffs’ names one by one like many artists and actors do, she had written them down before hand. Her handphone flashed all the names like an LED board for her so all she had to say was, “Thank you to all those people written down here.” A true boss!

We’ve literally never seen anyone do this before. Unfortunately, she still forgot the most important thing! When Junho was giving his speech and thanked her, she suddenly recalled that she forgot to thank her co-star. Her expression was both cute and hilarious!

She quickly made up for it by rushing to the microphone after he was done and shouted a big ol’ thank you to Junho.

Check out the full acceptance speech video below!