Actress Seo Ji Hye Receives Backlash By Netizens For Posting About Allegedly Feminist Novel

They accused her of being a feminist.

On September 26, actress Seo Ji Hye shared a picture of the best-selling  novel “Kim Ji-young, Born 1982” on her Instagram. The novel is famous for its feminist connotations, and some netizens began criticizing the actress for allegedly being a feminist and left extremely harsh comments on her post. Seo Ji Hye soon deleted the post following criticism. 



Seo Ji Hye isn’t the only one who’s faced major backlash about reading this particular novel. Red Velvet’s Irene was also criticized for this reason when she revealed in an interview that she had read the novel in question. Many netizens heavily criticized Irene as well, leaving many malicious and hateful comments about her being a feminist. Some fans even cut up and burnt many of the idol’s merchandise in protest of her alleged political leanings. 


A film based on the book, starring Jung Yu Mi and Gong Yoo, is set to premiere in October.


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