Aespa Spills Each Other’s Previous Career Ideas And Deepest Secrets

Can you imagine the girls doing these jobs?

The members of aespa recently tested their knowledge about each other in a recent BFF test with BuzzFeed. Trying to prove their knowledge about their fellow members, the girls went head-to-head and revealed some juicy secrets about each other!

Winter answered what she believes the members would pursue as a career if they weren’t K-Pop idols. Due to Giselle‘s love for fashion since she was young influenced by her mom, fashion designer is the obvious choice!

Meanwhile, Karina would have been a flight attendant. Try to envision Karina helping you store your luggage and passing out snacks on a plane!

The girls believe that NingNing is born to be a celebrity, so she would pursue a similar path like a career in broadcasting.

Next, Giselle was able to accurately guess everyone’s celebrity crushes! Known for her love for Harry Styles, Winter’s choice is a no-brainer.

Giselle chose Kendall Jenner for Karina who revealed that she looks up to the model in the world of fashion.

Lastly, despite loving many different artists, all of the members could agree that NingNing has a strong love for Doja Cat!

Check out the full video below.