Korean And International Fans Have Different Opinions As aespa Changes “Girls” Choreography 

This dance move was taken out.

Recently, aespa changed the choreography for their latest single “Girls” and fans are having mixed opinions.

They showcased their full choreography during “The Performance Stage #1.” Netizens were especially taken aback by the choreography during Winter’s part.

Following this part, Winter showcases her vocal prowess.

While many Korean netizens found the original choreography weird, many international fans were in favor of the dance move.

However, during aespa’s performance on Good Morning America, Winter’s choreography was altered and the leg dance was removed.

Instead, Winter stood and sang while posing. The remaining choreography was kept the same.

It’s unclear why the change was made, but many netizens have speculated the move may be too demanding during a part with steady vocals. Additionally, Korean netizens are pleased with the change.

  • “It’s a hundred times better than the previous choreography, but seriously, the choreography is a bit disappointing”
  • “The choreography is okay, but the change is better”
  • “The choreography is weird, but Winter did well”

Meanwhile, international fans miss the original choreography, falling for the sexy dance move. On Twitter, fans are quoting a tweet of the dance move with nothing but praise. Check out the full original part below.

Source: theqoo